I Must Confess: I Feel Like A Monster

Name's Dean Winchester. Nice to meet ya.

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Open RP

Dean leaned back in the park bench. He just needed a few minutes to clear his head. Everything was getting heavy. It had been too long since he had quit the life and settled in with Lisa, and, honestly, as much as he loved her, he decided not to stay. The life called to him and, even though his promised Sammy that he would quit, he simply couldn’t do it. Now, he was alone.

He’d packed up and left after an argument, turning his back on her and Ben. He’d been accused of being cold, but Lisa didn’t know what it was like to have your life tossed around so much in the last year. Hunting was the only thing that was normal for him. Unclogging kitchen sinks and cookouts weren’t.

The hunter was in the middle of a relatively small park in Oklahoma. It was nightfall and, besides a few late night joggers and dogwalkers, it was pretty much empty. Dean had just finished getting rid of a Rugaru and couldn’t quite bring himself to get back to his hotel. 

The open container in his hand didn’t console him. He rolled his eyes and threw it out into the park grass.

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